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How to give a Thoughtful Gift

Family, Personal

Gift giving has lost it’s true meaning – we no longer give to show we care, we give as a reciprocal obligation. If you’re looking for a gift idea that will be more meaningful than a gift card, check out these ideas.

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AS 011: Breaking out of your Comfort Zone

Career, Personal, Podcast

Linda is a stand up comedian and the host of She Shed Comedy podcast. So you would never guess that she suffered from social anxiety as a young adult. How did she break out of her comfort zone and destroy the fear that was holding her back?

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Ultimate Flu Prevention Kit

Family, Personal

This is my anti-flu, cold-combative arsenal. Everyone’s immune system is different, but if you have these items on hand, you’ll have the best chance possible of staying healthy!

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4 Fab Products for an Eco-friendly Life


Are you looking for new ways to incorporate environmentally friendly products into your life? Step beyond reusable grocery bags and glass water bottles and into the sexy side of sustainability. I have 4 fun and functional products that will get you excited about eco-friendly living!

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