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Increase Focus & Productivity using the Eisenhower Matrix

Career, Home, Personal

You’ve probably experienced a time when life has felt overwhelming. You have so much on your plate that your to-do list rolls over day after day. When everything starts to pile up, what do you have the tendency to do? If you’re like me, sometimes you have so much to do, that the overwhelm sets in and you end up getting nothing accomplished. I’m sharing a productivity tool that will help you change your habits and keep you focused!

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9 Laundry Tips to Avoid Ruining your Favorite Clothes


Learning how to properly wash your clothes is one of the most important adulting skills because it’s going to be evident to the world when something isn’t done right. So whether you’re looking for laundry tips because this is your first time washing your own clothes, or you’re tired of wrinkled tops, pink socks, and XXS shirts, then you’ve come to the right place.