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AS 011: Breaking out of your Comfort Zone

Career, Personal, Podcast

Linda is a stand up comedian and the host of She Shed Comedy podcast. So you would never guess that she suffered from social anxiety as a young adult. How did she break out of her comfort zone and destroy the fear that was holding her back?

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Lies you tell yourself after you lose your job


One year ago today, I was let go from my job. After a layoff, we tell ourselves all kinds of lies and let our emotions get the best of us. Don’t let negative thoughts hold you back from moving on to bigger and better things! I’m sharing some of the thoughts that dominated my mind, and how to get past them.

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Uncover your Secret Passion (w/ Bonus Thought Exercise!)

Career, Personal

Do you ever feel like you’re at a point in life where you haven’t found your purpose? Outside of the very lucky few who know exactly what they want to do in this world, many struggle to find their “calling.” Try this thought exercise to uncover your life passion!