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Uncover your Secret Passion (w/ Bonus Thought Exercise!)

Career, Personal

Do you ever feel like you’re at a point in life where you haven’t found your purpose? Outside of the very lucky few who know exactly what they want to do in this world, many struggle to find their “calling.” Try this thought exercise to uncover your life passion!

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9 Laundry Tips to Avoid Ruining your Favorite Clothes


Learning how to properly wash your clothes is one of the most important adulting skills because it’s going to be evident to the world when something isn’t done right. So whether you’re looking for laundry tips because this is your first time washing your own clothes, or you’re tired of wrinkled tops, pink socks, and XXS shirts, then you’ve come to the right place.

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How to Avoid Online Shopping Temptations


Many people struggle with online shopping addiction, which is often times socially acceptable and one of those “haha, me too” moments, until it starts to deeply affect your life. When your spending is out of control, it’s important to recognize the issue and put some self-protective measures into place before the habit gets out of hand.

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Turkey Spaghetti with Quinoa Pasta


I’ve been using whole wheat pasta for years, and have zero complaints, but I decided to put Quinoa spaghetti noodles to the test with one of my favorite sauces. Get the recipe and my review of Quinoa pasta!