We’re talking about a struggle that plagues all of us…at some point – personal finance. How to save your money, build your net worth, and ride out the ebbs and flows of the economy. If you have tuned into other episodes, you may remember the recent episode with Mark Willis where we talked about the major problems with our current financial system, along with possible solutions to build our wealth. And today, we’re welcoming Amanda Neely, who has followed Mark’s guidance to not only help with her family’s finances, but also to create her own personal finance resource called Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom. 

We’re going to be discussing ways you can get on the path to financial growth with consideration of the current economic downturn. Learn about the strategies that would “make grandma proud!”

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Today’s Guest

Amanda Neely

Amanda Neely is a small business and financial professional.  She founded and ran Overflow Coffee Bar, L3C from 2008 through 2018.  Now, she shares her experiential knowledge through podcasting and through developing personalized financial strategies for individuals and couples and profitability strategies for businesses.  Her goal is to work with people to take charge of their cash flow, leverage their assets, and increase their profitability in ways that would make their grandma proud.

WEBSITE: grandmaswealthwisdom.com
YOUTUBE: Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom
INSTAGRAM: @grandmaswealth

You’ll Learn

In this episode, we are covering many personal finance topics including:

  • Financial planning for the uncontrollable ups and down of the economy

  • The importance of teaching children about money and how to use it responsibly 

  • How the economic impact of COVID compares to the Great Recession (2007-2009)

  • Strategies for recovering (or increasing) net worth 

  • The story behind Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom and why we need to be more like Grandma with our money

    …and more!

Resources Mentioned on the Episode