In case you didn’t know (since I only shared it on instagram), my husband and I are expecting our first baby in September. I’m sure this new stage of life will be beautiful but also bring on heaps of new adult struggles! 

I’ve invited my good friend Johnna Farrell to share her advice for first time moms. As a mom of 3 (with a 4th on the way!) she’s figured out some parenting best practices over the past several years. In addition, Johnna and her husband Chris host a podcast called Grow Yourself, Grow Your Marriage, where they focus on various topics relating to relationship development.

From one mom to another, this is our First Time Mom Q&A!


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Today’s Guest

Johnna Farrell

Johnna hosts the Grow Yourself, Grow Your Marriage podcast with her husband Chris, where they focus on various topics relating to relationship development. 

What I love about their show is that nothing is off limits. They share their own life experiences, no matter how cringy or difficult to talk about in pursuit of their larger goal of helping other couples overcome common marital obstacles.

Ashley & Johnna at Podcast Movement 2019 in Orlando

Ashley & Johnna at PM19

It was through the podcasting world that I first met Johnna. We both attended Podcast Movement for the first time last year in Orlando, and signed up for a podcaster “speed dating” event. We didn’t cross paths during the speed dating, but at the very end we were asked to identify our podcast’s category and none of the choices we were given seem to fit for either of our shows. So we both approached the front of the room looking for help from the PM team, and that’s how we found each other! 

We both felt like personal development and growth was our main focus, so we chatted until the event was over, stuck together throughout the conference, and continued to keep in touch over the last year. And now, we’re both due with our babies, Johnna in July and me in September! As you’ll hear in the show, it really felt less like an interview and more like advice from one friend to another. 

FACEBOOK: @growyourselfgrowyourmarriage
INSTAGRAM: @growyourselfgrowyourmarriage

You’ll Learn

In this episode, we are covering many topics, from pregnancy to birth to baby, including:

  • What were the biggest changes that you did not anticipate as a first time mom
  • Handling unsolicited advice on parenting
  • Should you have a Birth plan or go with the flow?
  • Johnna’s 4 pieces of advice for first time moms
  • What baby items are overhyped and unnecessary?
  • Traveling and date nights after baby
    …and more!

Resources for First Time Moms

  • Grow Yourself, Grow Your Marriage Podcast Hosted by Johnna and Chris Farrell
  • Risen Motherhood Podcast
  • Miracle Morning for Parents and Families by Hal Elrod
  • Babylist Registry – I highly recommend checking out Babylist for your registry! It allows you to add items from anywhere online instead of being limited to one store. I created my registry there and have items from Target, Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, Costco, and even Etsy!
  • The Bump app – The Bump sends weekly updates on baby’s growth and mom’s body. It’s so fun knowing what to expect in the coming weeks!
  • Sunflower Motherhood – Former Adult Struggles Guest & Sunflower Founder Andrea Madril creates curated gift bundles for mama-to-be, from morning sickness remedies to postpartum comforts – she has you covered!
  • Kim Perry, Fit Pregnancy Coach – I found Kim’s instagram later into my second trimester and have enjoyed seeing how she maintains a healthy lifestyle while pregnant!