We’re welcoming back the very first guest of the podcast…Bailey Smith! Since we last spoke with Bailey about her time living overseas in Europe for 2 years, she has been settling back in to her life in Oregon and most recently founded her own travel planning service called Indie Travel Design. Not only does she help people plan their getaways, honeymoons, baby moons, and more, but she also is very passionate about working with nonprofits and other organizations to ensure their mission trips go off without a hitch.

Bailey lives and breathes travel, so I wanted to get her take on the effects the pandemic has had on the industry, and what travel after quarantine may look like. No one can know exactly how things will change, but she’s dug up some interesting trends and facts that could give us an idea of what’s to come. 


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Today’s Guest

Bailey Smith

Bailey is an avid traveler, both domestically and internationally. After a work abroad assignment led her on a 2-year adventure in Europe, she soon realized that she needed to turn her passion for travel into something more. 

After getting her feet wet in the travel planning business, she launched her own service called Indie Travel Design. As a “travel designer,” Bailey handles all of the planning and logistics behind honeymoons, baby moons, girls trips, mission trips, and more. After clients provide Indie Travel Design with their must-see and must-do travel requests, Bailey & team take care of the rest, ensuring a safe and worry-free experience that allows them to focus on making memories. 

Indie Travel Design

Always Travel Indie // Offering travel design for your personal vacay & program design for your organization. So you can focus on what’s important.


WEBSITE: indietraveldesign.com
FACEBOOK: @indietraveldesign
INSTAGRAM: @indietraveldesign

You’ll Learn

We’re covering passenger precautions, the potential of a new health enforcement agency, travel restrictions, and the overall economic impact. Think you’re ready to pack your bags and jump on the next flight out of here? This episode may help you figure that out!

  • When will it be safe to start traveling again?
  • What precautions should passengers take once “normal” travel resumes?
  • Will travel restrictions exist for travelers coming from highly infected nations
  • Predictions for how security and flight protocols may change as a result of the global pandemic, including entering the airport, security screening, on-board, and upon arrival
  • What travel requirements should be in place to prevent a resurgence of the disease
  • The possibility of a new health enforcement agency that screens passengers
  • The economic impact – will this prevent people from traveling in the longterm? 
  • What will happen to countries whose economies rely heavily on tourism?

Traveling After Quarantine:
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