We all have a unique journey that we’re on for a reason, leading us to a purpose or calling if we can just be brave enough to take that leap. Meet Chiara Mazzucco, Founder & CEO of Bold Self, as she shares her story of the struggles and successes that led her to start her own business.


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Becoming your Bold Self and Living Fearlessly with Chiara Mazzucco
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Today’s Guest

Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara has a unique story, and doesn’t hold back on sharing both the good and bad of her journey. After serious turmoil in her teens, she started a dating and relationship blog to cope with her emotions and help guide others through their own. After having huge success, she later went on to self-publish her book The 9 Mirages of Love. Then in 2012, she co-founded Indie Chicks, an online-turned-print magazine. This quickly grew to 500k-1M views per month, and sat atop Barnes and Noble shelves next to Cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair.

After the magazine shut down in 2016, and Chiara faced some personal and financial struggles, she began working with a mentor to help build her next venture – Bold Self.  Through her coaching business, she focuses on helping women step into their power and live fearlessly through a variety of self study courses, masterminds, private coaching, live events, and more!

WEBSITE: boldself.com
FACEBOOK: @boldself

“Start messy and clean it up later.”

You’ll Learn

Meet Chiara Mazzucco, founder and CEO of Bold Self. Chiara is focused on empowering women to live fearlessly through self-study courses, masterminds, private coaching, and live events. Though Chiara found quick success with Bold Self, hitting 6 figures in 6 months and $400K in sales in 12 months, it took years of crafting her skills and stepping into her purpose to realize those accomplishments. She is sharing her pathway to success – including the difficult times that pushed her to fight even harder – and how she continues to build her business by uplifting other women in their journeys. Are you ready to take the leap? 

  • How difficult circumstances can be turned around and leveraged toward success

  • Why getting uncomfortable is an important step in achieving success
  • Why Chiara made a $40k investment in herself with only $1k in the bank

  • How Chiara hit 6 figures in 6 months and $400k in sales in 12 months with her coaching business

  • How manifestation plays a role in Chiara’s everyday life

  • Getting started with meditation, affirmations, and visualization

  • 3 actionable tips to put into motion to build your self-confidence

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