Have you ever considered working as a freelance writer, artist, or virtual assistant? There are many possibilities for entering into the world of freelance, which entails working independently with clients on various projects for a living, as opposed being employed by a company. Freelancing is definitely not a new concept, but it’s changed over the years, and become a much more viable option.

In current times, when unemployment rates have soared and over 33 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits, many are looking for an alternative to full time work. Could freelancing be the answer? 

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How to Get Started Freelancing with Laura Briggs The Freelance Coach | Adult Struggles Podcast
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Today’s Guest

Laura Briggs

Laura Briggs spent most of her life preparing to be an educator and then burned out after working as a middle school teacher in Baltimore City. After starting a freelance writing career on the side, she quickly replaced and surpassed her day job earnings, and hit the six-figure mark in just 18 months. Since 2013, she’s worked full-time for herself, helping clients with content and project management by leveraging time management and digital teams. She now teaches others how to build fulfilling lifestyle businesses from home as a coach. Laura is the author of “Launch your Own Freelance Writer Business” with Entrepreneur Press and the creator of Better Biz Academy.

WEBSITE: Better Biz Academy
FACEBOOK: The Freelance Coach

You’ll Learn

Meet Laura Briggs, a seasoned entrepreneur who has been freelancing for the past 7+ years. After building a successful freelance writing career, she now empowers others in their journey to launch and grow freelancing businesses of their own through her Better Biz Academy.

  • The benefits of freelancing, choosing your clients, and setting your own schedule

  • Besides writing, what other freelance jobs exist?
  • What characteristics make a good freelancer? Do you have what it takes to set own schedule, meet deadlines and work by yourself, sell yourself / your services, and negotiate rates?

  • How to arrange your schedule as a freelancer for what suits your work style best

  • Determining how much to charge for your services, including hourly vs. flat rate pricing

  • How to professionally turn a project down (and not lose a client)


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