There is still be a lot of misinformation about the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. As necessities become sparse, entire cities and states shut down, and panic continues to rise, it’s difficult to know what to believe about the world’s current situation. Besides seeking out reputable sources of information, such as the CDC or WHO, one thing that has helped me better understand this situation is hearing Casey Garland’s firsthand experience with contracting COVID-19. Casey has diligently tracked all of his symptoms since his diagnosis in the hopes of helping the public understand what it’s like once you contract the disease. I hope Casey’s story gives you a clearer understanding of COVID-19 and alleviates some of the anxiety brought on by this pandemic. 

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Firsthand Experience with COVID-19 featuring Casey Garland Herriman Utah
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Today’s Guest

Casey Garland

Casey is a 29-year old Utah man who has been openly sharing his experience of life with the coronavirus, or COVID-19. After returning from a business trip in Vail, CO, he was informed by his employer that one of the attendees had tested positive for the virus. He had been experiencing a cough for several days, and upon checking his temperature, determined he also had a low-grade fever. Casey decided it was best to get tested, and so his journey began…

Casey has documented the entire ordeal from the moment he pulled out of the garage to go get tested, to providing an hour-by-hour calendar of movements before diagnosis, daily updates on his symptoms, and life in quarantine. 

Outside of this unexpected turn of events, Casey enjoys spending time with his wife and son, playing guitar, and playing video games.

REDDIT: I Just Tested Positive for COVID-19 AMA
INSTAGRAM: @cccg03

You’ll Learn

In a very short period of time, we’ve seen an exponential increase in confirmed cases of the coronavirus or COVID-19 across the United States (and the world). From having a hundred or so cases clustered within a couple of U.S. states just weeks ago, to now over 16,000 cases affecting ALL 50 states…


We’ve quickly gone from 2-3k cases worldwide per day, to 7k at the time of recording this episode, to 16k new cases per day since writing this. But, keep in mind, a big part of this is due to testing availability. A new case can only be added to the confirmed count when test results are released. So if a state is behind on testing…there will be an influx of new cases once the results are in. But regardless, it is scary to see the exponential growth.

  • Common misconceptions about coronavirus
  • What a “novel” virus is
  • Why it took Casey 3.5 hours to figure out how to get tested for coronavirus (keep in mind this can vary by state and hopefully improves as time goes on)
  • How medical staff test you for COVID-19
  • COVID-19 symptoms prior to and after diagnosis 
  • Why the total number of confirmed cases is inaccurate (and much higher than we think!) 
  • Why Casey has decided to share his experience with the world on Reddit, Instagram, and media outlets

Reliable Resources for COVID-19 / Coronavirus

It seems like you can’t get away from COVID-19 news, but make sure what you’re reading is reliable (AKA “Don’t trust everything you read online”). Get your information from trustworthy sources that are provide factual information, not information inflated with hysteria. 

CDC Updates on # of Cases in the USA

Coronavirus Map (worldwide)

Harvard Health (includes several podcast episodes with experts)

World Health Organization (WHO)