Meet Katie DePaola, Founder & CEO of Inner Glow Circle, the #1 training company for women coaches and entrepreneurs. Katie has built her online business through plenty of hard work and sacrifice as many entrepreneurs have, but she has also overcome numerous unforeseeable obstacles along the way.

From battling Lyme Disease, to losing a sibling to overdose, and dealing with the aftermath of a public break-up…Katie turned her greatest challenges into her greatest opportunities and says her business is what saved her life. She shares how to “glow through what you go through” and overcome the darkest days.

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How to Glow through what you go through with Katie DePaola CEO & Founder Inner Glow Circle
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Today’s Guest

Katie DePaola

Katie DePaola is an entrepreneur, author and the founder of Inner Glow Circle, an accredited training and certification company for women coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs. Right after starting IGC, Katie lost her brother to an accidental overdose. Also Lyme Disease survivor, she built her business from her bathtub, growing the company from self-funded startup to million-dollar business. Katie has turned her greatest challenges into her greatest opportunities and says her business is what saved her life.

Through certification programs, memberships and online courses, Katie has taught thousands of women how to find their purpose, live it and get paid. She has a B.S. in Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University and is an ICF Credentialed PCC Coach. She has been featured in TIME Magazine, The Huffington Post, Elite Daily and more. In her first book, At Least You Look Good (2020), Katie shares her vulnerable (and often funny) reflections on how to deal with the hardest parts of life — and her best advice for how to “glow through what you go through.”

INSTAGRAM: @itskatiedepaola  //  @innerglowcircle

You’ll Learn

Have you ever felt defeated by your life circumstances? Like the entire world is against you, to the point that you wonder why you should bother to keep trying…

Chances are you probably have, at some point for some period of time, felt like giving up. I want to share a story with you today from my guest Katie Depaola, who definitely had the odds stacked against her, but through following her calling and purpose, fought through the darkest of days. 

Topics included in the episode:

  • Finding your purpose and feeling fulfilled in your life

  • Why Katie dropped out of grad school to complete a coaching program and start her own business

  • Katie’s personal struggles with battling Lyme disease, grief from the loss of her brother, and dealing with a public break-up

  • What to do when you feel like you’re getting hit from multiple sides at the same time and nothing is going right

  • Katie’s tips for getting through difficult times and eliminating giving up as an option

  • …and more!