As you may have gathered from my instagram, emails, or previous podcast episodes, I recently attended Podcast Movement. It’s the largest conference for podcasters, and this year it was held in Orlando!

Outside of the high quality breakout sessions, one of the biggest values was being surrounded by 3,000 other podcasters, networking with everyone from the newbies to the pros, and making new friends within the podcasting community. One such friend is Dan Hinz, who I’m honored to have on the show today! 

Dan runs a personal finance blog called Adulting with Money, where he helps newlyweds (and singles) figure out their best money management strategy. His goal is to stop fights about money before they even happen!

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Today’s Guest

Dan Hinz

Dan Hinz, MBA, is the financial coach behind Adulting With Money. For six years, Dan has taught engaged couples and newlyweds how talking about money can be as easy as grocery shopping.

A graduate of Iowa State University holding a master’s degree in business administration with a focus on finance, his 20,000+ word guide How to Talk About Money with Your Spouse: The Ultimate Guide teaches couples how to be on the same page with money by focusing on meaningful, lifelong habits and sprinkling in some helpful hacks. Dan also draws on his experience as an adjunct professor in finance when guiding couples towards financial and marital bliss.

He lives in Panama City Beach, Florida, with his wife.

INSTAGRAM: @adultingwithmoney

You’ll Learn

If you’re looking for some guidance on how to handle or split your financial obligations as a couple, grab your significant other and listen to this episode. Dan shares his own story as a newlywed navigating split finances, which led him to eventually create So grab your significant other, and let’s talk about money!

  • The biggest challenges for newlywed couples when it comes to merging finances

  • Is there 1 right way to manage your money as a couple?

  • How to go from living as two separate people to combining your lives into one

  • The best way to start up the conversation about money with your spouse

  • Tips for organizing your monthly financial obligations so you don’t go over budget

  • The bigger picture: How taking control of your finances can change your communication and relationship


Resources for Money Management

Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

Adulting with Money Course w/ Dan Hinz Opens September 16th

Dan’s Free Guide: How to Talk about Money with your Spouse