Do you ever feel like sugar controls you? Ever reach for sugary foods when you’re feeling down or angry, just to get that short lived rush? Most of us have all been there! But did you know sugar can actually be as addicting as other, more illicit substances? Over time, sugar can be destructive to the mind and body. Listen to this episode to find out exactly what sugar addiction is, how it affects us, and how to break a sugar addiction.

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Can you be addicted to sugar? with Mike Collins, Sugar Addiction expert
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Today’s Guest

Mike Collins

For the past 30 years, Mike Collins has not consumed sugar in any form – at least not intentionally.

His interest in sugar addiction began in the early days of his recovery from substance use disorder. As he weaned himself off other substances, he noticed that his relationship with sugar was beginning to resemble his other addictions. This led him to decide to quit sugar with the help of some amazing mentors.

Since then, he has founded where he has helped thousands of people quit, reduce, or get under control runaway sugar use.

With his wife, he raised two children sugar-free from the womb to six years old with zero sugar. 

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You’ll Learn

A couple of months ago, in episode 32, we talked about overcoming binge eating or emotional eating struggles with Amber Romaniuk. And in that episode we briefly touched on the power that sugar can have over your mind, and the damage it can do to the body.

Now we’re diving into that deeper, and talking about sugar addiction. I’m chatting with Mike Collins, founder of and author of The Last Resort Sugar Detox.

  • Is sugar addiction real? 
  • How do you know if you are negatively affected by sugar?
  • How sugar alters the mind and body
  • Benefits of living a sugar-free lifestyle
  • The biggest obstacle in giving up sugar
  • Sugar withdrawal process 
  • After cutting sugar out of your life, can you ever have it again?

Resources for Quitting Sugar

The Last Resort Sugar Detox Guide by Mike Collins

Love, Medicine, and Miracles by Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.

Sugar Blues by William Dufty