With my trip to Orlando coming up next week for Podcast Movement 2019, I thought it would be the perfect time to give you an update on the show!

Host of Adult Struggles, Ashley BarnhartI launched the Adult Struggles Podcast in October 2018, so we’re just a couple of month short of a full year of podcasting! I released an intro episode on Launch Day called “What is the Adult Struggles Podcast?” Now I am readdressing this question to give a fresh take on what the show is all about. I definitely had more to talk about 44 episodes into the show than when I first started recording! 

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Interested in hearing why I started podcasting? Check out my episode on 6 Lessons Learned in 6 Months of Podcasting!

In this episode, you’ll get an update on what to expect on the Adult Struggles podcast, including:

  • The types of episodes I release typically fall into 1 of 3 formats:

    How to’s and real life application, trending topics, and inspirational stories

  • Within those formats, topics range are focused on personal development, financial literacy, career building, and becoming a better adult overall!
  • Lately I’ve been incorporating my friends on the show in episodes where we discuss an “adulting” topic and have a casual, open discussion to share our points of view.
  • Where I find inspiration for the episode concepts
  • Hear the funny story about the first piece of advice I ever gave on the playground in Kindergarten
  • Find me at Podcast Movement 2019 in Orlando, FL, October 13-16! Interested in attending? Grab your ticket here: https://2019.podcastmovement.com


Top Episodes of 2019 (So Far)

AS 023: Battle of Mind & Body: Conquering Anorexia            

AS 020: Wonderful World of Wine w/ Sommelier Madeline Puckette            

AS 029: Embracing the Inner Nerd: Disney, Star Wars & Cosplay – Oh My!