When people get older, it’s often said that they don’t regret what they did in life, they regret what they didn’t do. If you sit back and think about your life up until this point, do you have any regrets, things you wish you hadn’t done, or things you wish you had? Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to chase after our dreams, and the biggest and best ones don’t come easy.

Today’s guest Jazmine Curie can attest to that, moving from one coast to the other to pursue a career in dance. Hear her inspirational story of how she lives life to the fullest, even if that means going through struggles along the way!

Dancing Coast to Coast with NYC Dancer Jazmine Curie
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Today’s Guest

Jazmine Curie

SoCal native Jazmine Curie has dreamed of pursuing dance professionally since she was 17. As a double major in dance & art, she yearned for adventure and a new place where she could put her skills to the test. She believes in living life to the fullest, and never passing up an opportunity that could lead to regret, so she packed her bags and moved across the country to the Big Apple. 

Having the struggles of NYC life, mixed with the cutthroat dance industry, she finds strength and persistence to follow her passions even on a road less traveled.

INSTAGRAM: @jazmine_raye

You’ll Learn

Moving from one coast to the other in pursuit of a professional dance career, Jazmine had a rocky start when she first made it to New York. From sleeping on a roommate’s floor, to having to nearly drain her bank account just to make sure she had a place to stay, her big move was no stranger to the story of the “starving artist.” But no matter the struggles she may face, going after what she wants most in this world is far too important to give up.

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  • Do you have any regrets – things you wish you hadn’t done or wish you had?
  • How do you persevere through difficult times?
  • How do you continue to pursue your lifelong dreams?