Are high school reunions relevant anymore? Reunions used to be the best way to catch up with old friends that have lost touch. But now, social media allows you to get a quick status update on anyone – anytime, anywhere.

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Did Social Media kill the high school reunion?

This episode is different than most. Instead of interviewing someone, or just doing solo episode, I am bringing on my friend Erin for an open discussion. You may recognize my friend Erin because she has actually been on the show once before, where she shared her professional expertise as a neuromuscular therapist. We grew up together, and 2019 is our 10-year class reunion (scroll for embarrassing photos)…But we’re a little skeptical about attending.

In this episode, we chat about why reunions have seemingly become less important for our generation, mostly due to social media allowing us instant access to creep on old classmates whenever we want.  So have you gone to your reunion or do you plan on going?

We want to know, so Comment below!

  • Did you attend or do you plan on attending your next class reunion?
  • Do you agree with me and Erin?
  • Did you enjoy this style of episode and do you want us to make more?

Class Reunion “Myspace” Questionnaire

Remember filling these out and posting for all to see? Copy, paste, and share! You know you want to…

1. Did you know your spouse? 

2. What did you drive? 

3. Where did you work? 

5. Were you popular? 

6. Were you in the choir? 

7. Ever get suspended from school? 

8. If you could go back, would you? 

9. Still, talk to the person that you went to prom with? 

10. Did you skip school? 

11. Go to all the football games? 

12. What was your favorite class? 

13. Do you still have your yearbook? 

14. Did you follow the career path you wanted? 

15. Do you have a class ring? 

16. Who was your favorite teacher? 

17. Did you letter? 

18. Did you graduate with a 3.0 or higher? 

19. How old were you at graduation? 

20. Did you graduate? 

Just a Few Throwback Photos

The eyeliner, the fake tans, the blown out filters…it must be 2009!

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