Whether selling hair care, make-up, health products, fitness programs, or ANY product for a multi-level marketing company, there’s no doubt a big mystery surrounding how to actually be successful in this type of business. In this episode, you will hear from a young woman who started from the bottom, and worked her way up to major success. Learn what it takes to be successful in multi-level marketing, also known as MLM or Network Marketing.

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Network Marketing: What does it take to be successful?
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Today’s Guest

Dani Hopkins

Dani enrolled as a Beachbody coach over 5 years ago, for the purpose of getting fit…and of course, getting a discount on products. After dropping 40lbs and helping a few friends, she was soon addicted to paying it forward and helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Since then, she has made Beachbody her full-time, work from home gig. Through her “Inspire Tribe,” Dani helps other women achieve personal, mental, physical & financial growth. Her team has risen to the 5-Star Diamond Elite level under her coaching and guidance.


How to be successful in Network Marketing

Network marketing is a business model that relies on a network of distributors to grow a business. Different multi-level marketing opportunities fade in and out of popularity over the years. In the time of our parents, it was Avon, Mary Kay, and Tupperware. Today, we’re seeing newer brands emerge using this model, but not all of them have been successful. Perhaps you’ve heard of Lularoe, Herbalife, Advocare, Monet Hair, or Younique – all of which use this MLM model.

Network marketing tends to have a bad reputation for costing new reps a lot of money with very little return. And I think for many, it lives up that that stereotype. In order to be successful in building your own business within a multi-level marketing company, you have to be dedicated to learning the business, truly believe in the product, and be able to share your personal story in a relatable way. 

Joining an MLM can provide you with supplemental income, or in the case of some, turn into a full-time job. That is the case for my guest today, and she is going to share the story on how she made it happen. A few talking points in the show:

  • What is a Beachbody coach and what is a “5-star diamond elite” team?

  • Difficulties of running a Beachbody team full time
  • Perks of working from home and building your own business
  • Top 3 traits that make a successful Beachbody coach

  • Dani’s approach to team building
  • Personality types that thrive in multi-level marketing

  • Keeping yourself motivated when you work from home