After playing a harp guitar in an old vintage store, David Powell fell in love with the instrument. But it’s a rare and pricey item, so he decided to build his own with help from his brother. Now they run their own shop, Tonedevil Guitars, and craft modernized harp guitars for clients around the world! 

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Building Business in a Rare Niche: Crafting Harp Guitars with David Powell
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Today’s Guest

David Powell

David is a trained computer technician and software tester and was employed at the Adobe software company in Seattle, Washington. He studied classical and steel string guitar, and has had a long time involvement with the international Harp Guitar society. Using his skills in 3D design and  CAD programs he has been able to refine and modernize the design of the Harp Guitar to exact specifications and consistency with laser engraving and CNC technology. In partnership with his brother Anthony, he runs Tonedevil Harp Guitars in Sandpoint, ID.

 Tonedevil Guitars
YOUTUBE: Tonedevil Guitars

You’ll learn all about crafting the harp guitar

Today David shares how harp guitars went from a personal interest to a business, how a harp guitar is different from a 6-string guitar, his recent work in China, a client’s viral video…and you’ll even hear a sample of David on the harp guitar!

  • How David got into the business of designing modern harp guitars
  • The process of crafting such a unique instrument
  • How David’s background in IT, computers, and music came together to create the Tonedevil Guitars business 
  • Building a business in a small niche with global interest
  • The artist who went viral on Youtube (over 9 million views) playing a Tonedevil Harp Guitar
  • The experience of working with manufacturers overseas to bring the harp guitar to China

Resources on the Harp Guitar

Hear more on the Tonedevil Youtube channel! Check it out >>