In this episode, Caralyn shares the details of how her eating disorder developed, the social, physical, and mental destruction it caused, her road to recovery and conquering anorexia, and how she now pays it forward by helping others.

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Today’s Guest

Caralyn of Beauty Beyond Bones

After a battle with anorexia, Caralyn conquered the disease with help from inpatient treatment, her strong Catholic faith, and her supportive family. Now 10+ years recovered, she writes about her past struggles on the Beauty Beyond Bones blog. She helps individuals suffering from eating disorders, along with their families, by sharing the raw truth of overcoming anorexia and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

INSTAGRAM: @beauty.beyond.bones
TWITTER: @anarevealed

You’ll Learn

Whether you’ve had an unhealthy relationship with food, you know someone who has suffered from an eating disorder, or you have any other adversity that you’re trying to overcome – you are sure to benefit from Caralyn’s story of triumph! Beauty Beyond Bones may have started as an eating disorder recovery blog, but it goes well beyond that topic and helps readers cope with a broad spectrum of struggles.

  • How a religious holiday and an unrelated medical diagnosis created the perfect storm and allowed an eating disorder to develop
  • The do or die moment that led to the path of recovery and conquering anorexia 

  • The social repercussions of an eating disorder – why Caralyn didn’t return a single text message for 2+ years
  • The biggest misconception about eating disorders
  • The lack of mental clarity and the lies that dictate your actions when you’re suffering from an eating disorder
  • The road to recovery in an in-patient facility – both the physical and mental healing
  • The creation of Beauty Beyond Bones blog and Bloom journal