If you’re looking for an easy way to make a little money on the side and clean out your closet in the process, you may want to give resale apps a shot! If you’ve picked up a nasty little online shopping addiction, this can also be a fun way to liquidate your closet! I’ve been using Poshmark for the past several year, and while it can be hit or miss at times, follow this strategy for a higher success rate:

My Poshmark Closet Stats

My Poshmark Closet Stats

Getting Started on Poshmark

  1. Establish your account.

    When you create an account, make sure you get 5-10 items posted! You don’t want to have an empty closet if you’re hoping to catch the attention of buyers. It makes buyers more comfortable and likely to purchase if you have more than just one or two items for sale. Continue adding new items on a regular basis.

  2. Take high quality pictures. 

    Some sellers go all out and have their own mannequin and professional lighting, but I don’t get that fancy. Here are a few guidelines to follow. The better your items look in the photos, the more likely they will sell!

    • Take photos in a well lit area
    • Try to keep the background neutral so it doesn’t distract the buyer
    • You can either model the clothing, lay it flat, or hang it, but either way, make sure to take multiple photos from different angles (front & back of clothing, inside & outside of handbags, etc.). This ensures the buyer can see all of the details of the item, and it also protects you as the seller because you have documented proof of the item’s condition.
  3. Write full item descriptions.

    The item description is there for a reason – don’t waste it by just putting “good condition.” The words you use act as keywords, and will help potential buyers find your closet more easily!

  4. Be truthful in your item descriptions.

    I know it’s tempting to call an item “new without tags” or “excellent condition,” but if that’s not accurate, don’t lie to make the sale. You will get a bad reputation and people won’t want to buy from you. Just be honest, if something is in good used condition, state it as such. Be sure to note any flaws so the buyer knows what to expect, and price accordingly!

How to Attract Buyers on Poshmark

  1. Follow new Poshers. 

    Just like on Instagram, if you want followers, you have to follow other people too. The best strategy for this is to go to the list of “New People,” and start following members who have just joined. They are the most likely to be currently active and interested in the app. In order to follow you back, they have to visit your closet and will therefore see the items you have listed. It’s quick and easy traffic to your Poshmark closet! Since I am selling women’s items, I skip over any male users. I also prefer to follow users who have a profile picture, but it’s up to you!

  2. Share other Poshers items. 

    Poshmark is a very reciprocal community, so if you share items from other closets, it’s very likely they will do the same for you. Your reach only goes as far as your followers. If other users share your items, you will be able to reach a larger audience of potential buyers!

  3. Share to your social accounts. 

    When you share your own closet items to your followers on Poshmark, you also have the option to share on various social platforms. I typically turn on the Pinterest option, because many people will save the pins to their boards. But this one is totally up to you – it’s definitely not a make or break option.

Final Tips

As a final note, remember to have fun! When I first started selling on Poshmark, I loved that it felt like a real-life game – like I was the owner of my own boutique. Be realistic; you’re not going to get rich on Poshmark, but you can make a nice side income!