Today’s Guest

Bailey Smith

Bailey shares her story about living, working, and adventuring in Europe for the past 2 years. She has documented her travels on Instagram, and continues to explore her love of travel through her work with Living Big Travel.

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INSTAGRAM: bybaileysmith

You’ll Learn

  • Pre-trip prepwork
  • Acquiring housing accommodations overseas and getting settled in a new home
  • Overcoming language barriers and adjusting to cultural differences
  • How to travel to Italy for $9.99
  • Bailey’s Top 5 must-visit European Destinations
  • How to get over your worries, anxieties, and hesitations about traveling abroad


These are the sites, apps, and tips mentioned in today’s episode, as well as a few extra bonus resources Bailey shared with me, but we didn’t have a chance to talk about on the episode:

  • Scott’s Cheap Flights is a company that is constantly skimming
    Google flights for crazy deals. Travelers can sign up for their weekly email
    alerts about the best deals that are available at the time. They don’t have any
    magic solution, but they might save you time on the flight hunt.
  • Tripit app – Free or paid app that allows you to send all of
    your trip reservations to one place, and pull them up on your phone anytime,
    anywhere. Bailey relies on this app for all of her traveling needs.
  • Google Flights – If you are flexible on travel dates, you can really
    use Google Flights to your advantage. Quickly search and scroll through the
    calendar to see the cheapest dates for your desired route, or see a list of
    suggested destinations at crazy low prices.
  • Skiplagged is a site that helps look at flight connections as
    destinations. For example, if you live in Seattle and you’re planning a
    vacation in Chicago, you might book a flight path from Seattle to Miami that
    has a layover in Chicago. Rather than continuing on to Miami, you would leave
    the airport in Chicago. (Warning – pack all your things in a carry-on because
    any checked luggage will end up in the final destination.)
  • For  people who don’t want to travel alone (i.e. single, partner works a
    lot, etc.), there are companies out there that plan coordinated group trips
    (like Living Big Travel). It’s an amazing way to meet people from other places
    and find travel buddies when you don’t want to go it alone!