podcast-1Hi, I’m Ashley! I’m the voice behind the Adult Struggles podcast, which launches October 9th, 2018. The idea behind the podcast is a culmination of many conversations and thoughts that have been bubbling in my mind over the past several years…

Friends have often come to me  for advice on “how to adult,” from perfecting their resume prior to applying for a job, to investing in their 401(k), to meal planning. As a 20-something myself, I’m not an expert on life, but if there is an experience I’ve had, whether a success or failure, I am always happy to save someone the struggle by sharing what I’ve learned.

I’ve also come to find that there is no particular age where you all of the sudden “become an adult” and we are all trying to figure things out…so why do it alone?!

That’s why I created Adult Struggles. Through sharing my experiences, and those of my guests, I hope to help you overcome your own life obstacles.

What this podcast is NOT:

  • A means of voicing complaints or another contribution to the “poor me, life sucks” negativity that we often see on social media
  • Any sort of claim that I have everything together or that I have any right to tell you what to do or how to live
  • A boring reincarnation of your mom’s Sunday morning advice column
  • Solely conversations about just the boring “how to” stuff

What this podcast IS:

  • A community for young adults trying to figure things out, whether they be small (i.e. doing laundry) or life changing (i.e. buying your first home)
  • A non-judgmental resource to learn real life skills that you did not learn in school
  • Conversations with guests on how to live your best adult life (i.e. traveling abroad, building a strong personal brand, pursuing your passion)
  • YOUR podcast…if there is something you want to learn or know more about, tell me and I’ll do the research and interview the experts

I can’t wait for launch day so you can hear what I’ve been working on…October 9th, here we go! And remember, friends don’t let friends adult alone, so share this with an adult you know.